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Our Service Unit Wholesale & Logistics offers its customers – the Group’s own pharmacies as well as customers in the healthcare market as a whole – an optimised range characterised by high availability and a comprehensive logistics service.

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To give you some idea of the scale of our operations, around two-thirds of all pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland are supplied daily by our Galexis Business Unit, plus one in three medical practices and almost one in three hospitals or care homes. This is done in accordance with the rule: ordered yesterday, delivered today. 450,000 packs per day! This makes Galexis Switzerland’s leading health wholesaler.

These distribution services are made possible by 800 employees, who efficiently control the distribution of the full range of 100,000 articles. In other words: top-class logistics.

Galexis Warehouse
Galexis Logistician

Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione (UFD)

With Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione (UFD), the most important and only healthcare logistics company in Ticino, Galenica is also strongly represented with a full range of products in Italian-speaking Switzerland.



The physicians’ wholesaler Pharmapool supplies and supports medical practices with medicines, consumables, laboratory products and furnishings.


Alloga rounds off our logistics offering with pre-wholesale services, i.e. warehousing, logistics and distribution services for suppliers. Exciting, don’t you think?

Alloga warehouse

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