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We place high demands on our employees, but you can also expect a lot from us.

Benefits – these are your benefits

We place high demands on our employees, but you can also expect a lot from us. Your commitment and useful work must be rewarded. That’s why we offer you a whole range of services and advantages. These include, for example, our family friendliness, flexible working models and paid further training that we can offer you as a leading healthcare provider.

Generous family policy

  • Family friendliness is one of our most important values: it is important to us that our employees remain healthy, motivated and productive in the long term. And the issue of family policy is a particularly significant part of that.
  • That’s why we have – depending on the role – flexible working hours and working from home models and naturally we encourage part-time work. We exceed the statutory minimum requirements for parental leave: for mothers we offer 16 weeks of paid leave at 80% of the salary, for fathers ten days at 100%.
  • Marriage and birth allowances
  • Children’s fund for own children with preferential interest rate and contribution by the employer

Fair wage policy

  • Our wage policy is fair and health-conscious: our pay is aligned to our requirements, the market and individual performance. 42-hour week, 13-month salary and profit sharing are standard with us. To this end, we offer various forms of working time, make targeted efforts to promote the health of our employees and are committed to providing extensive welfare benefits. The staff discount of up to 25% lets you benefit from preferential prices in all our pharmacies.
  • min. 25 days’ holiday up to the age of 49, at least 27 days’ holiday from the age of 50
  • Possibility of buying holiday or taking unpaid leave

Customised further training

  • Further training, consolidating and broadening our knowledge is an indispensable prerequisite for each and every one of us. Only in this way can we consolidate the position of our Group, our business areas and our companies in a constantly changing market environment.
  • Galenica offers and finances a comprehensive range of internal and external further training opportunities for you as an employee. In addition, we reward successfully completed further training with bonuses. Our Talent Management programme allows us to identify our top internal people and support them with specially tailored development programmes on their way to becoming a leader.

Attractive pension fund

  • Our employees are well provided for in retirement too. We offer an attractive premium split: Galenica takes over approximately 2⁄3 and our employees 1⁄3. You can also pay more into your pension fund if you wish with “Plan Plus.”

Other bonuses and discounts

  • And that’s not all. On top of that, there are numerous other good reasons to choose Galenica. For example:
  • Fleet discount: attractive conditions for cars and fuel discount
  • Bonuses for the referral of new employees
  • Registered shares at preferential prices
  • Discounts at partner companies (gyms, hotels, language schools, electronics shops, wine trade, etc.)
  • Long-service awards: bonus and additional vacation days every five years
  • Mobile subscriptions and smartphones at attractive prices
  • Discounts on selected supplementary health insurance policies
  • Please note that the benefits listed above may vary depending on the company, function or location.
“Galenica believed in me – even though I didn't have the right training.”
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Discover Fabrizio’s story

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