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In pharmacy, as in many other areas, combining theory with practice is of the utmost importance. Galenica offers young individuals talented in pharmacy excellent opportunities to shape their future before, during and after their studies. Give your talents free rein and benefit from the Galenica promotion!

Pharmacy students
Combining theory and practice

Competent and motivated employees make the difference for our customers. As a prospective pharmacist, we offer you a range of opportunities to start your career during your training.

Practical internship – an insight into a fascinating world

This practical internship in one of our numerous pharmacies gives you an insight into the everyday life of a pharmacist before you even commence your studies. The practical internship is compulsory and you must have completed it by the time you finish your bachelor’s degree.

“For me it was cool to see how varied the life of a pharmacist is.”

Assistantship – essential practical experience

We offer you the opportunity to combine the expertise gained during your training with practical experience. After all, once you have completed all the theory, a new challenge awaits: the customers!

“I really appreciate getting the chance to put what I’ve learned into practice.”

Discover Gjem’s story
Discover Gjem’s story

FPH further training – the post-graduate diploma in retail pharmacy

As a pharmacy graduate, we are more than happy to support you in your further training to become a specialist pharmacist in retail pharmacy. We will provide you with a further training specialist who will be there to offer you advice and assistance. And: we will finance your training!

Specialist pharmacist - your path to more responsibility

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Temporary jobs – your assignment during your studies

Would you like to get a taste of retail pharmacy while still studying? Our pharmacy teams look forward to your support – whether it’s only on Saturdays or during term breaks. Just contact us!

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