Corporate Services – keeping the store running

You work at the very heart of the Group, where decisions are reached and framework conditions are defined. The employees of Corporate Services are internal service providers that enable the entire Group to function. As a back-office employee, you are part of a team that everyone at Galenica relies on.

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Products & Marketing

The aim of this Service Unit is to spread the enthusiasm we have for our products to others. For example, this is the unit where the product range is continuously developed and effectively marketed in line with the format and channel. In addition, customer approaches and loyalty programmes are developed here with the aim of connecting points of contact with customers along the customer journey.


Corporate Communications

This team gives Galenica a voice and a face. It is tasked with informing the target groups and, in particular, promoting and cultivating dialogue with them – both internally and externally. For example, on our website, on the intranet, or in our Annual report and with the magazine for our employees. The corporate identity and the uniform visual appearance support the Group sense of identity.

Everything Galenica does not only has to comply with all laws, it must also meet high ethical principles and prevent legal risks. Almost all the areas of law that affect Galenica, such as business and contract law, are handled by this unite. However, topics such as data protection and life science are also a high priority.

Corporate Services
Corporate Communications
Human Resources

Human Resources

This is where the most important value of our company is sourced and nurtured: the people who work at Galenica. The Human Resources Service Unit takes care of everything that concerns our employees. This includes, for example, training and development programmes, presence on the job market or recruitment via traditional channels or social media platforms, but also, of course, all topics relating to the maintenance of employee and salary data.


Our products and services create value for our customers. The Finance team ensures that this is the case both for Galenica and its shareholders, which requires us to work with diligence and commitment. In addition to bookkeeping and accounting, topics include external and internal audits, taxes and value added tax, insurance, risk management, but also the procurement of goods and services as well as the acquisition and integration of new companies.

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